Kienboch’s disease

Kienbock’s disease is avascular necrosis of the lunate bone in the wrist. The lunate is moon shaped. The lunate has a precarious blood supply. If disrupted then the bone may lose oxygen, become soft and then collapse into fragments, eventually causing arthritis.

It is not well known. It is not common.

It affects slightly ore females than males. The age group is typically 17-25 year olds , so we assume that the end of skeletal growth in the wrist is a factor in the bone being vulnerable to an injured blood supply.

The symptoms are typically central wrist vague ache, becoming either more intense or more frequent. There might be an effusion in the wrist.

Dr Kirkham was fortunate to interview with Rear Admiral Dr David M Lichtman MD and then work in his hand unit in Houston Texas. At the Baylor college Texas  patients with Kienbocks would travel along distance and present to seek the expertise of those doctors. Dr Kirkham benefited from that experience in Houston, seeing a lot of Kienbocks disease.