Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow is an unfortunate misnomer. The term was coined by Runge without basis. It is typically not caused by tennis. It is a tendon injury on the outer/lateral side of the elbow.

It causes lateral sided elbow discomfort. Simple things like picking up a cup of tea, lifting a briefcase or straightening the elbow an all cause significant pain. Typically the tears are only 2-10 mm in size but despite being small cause much pain.

Dr Kirkham has one much research on the detailed anatomy and the histology of these tears. The human elbow is very unique. It is the only 2 bone system that can produce a full 180 degree pivoting turn due entirely to the unique arrangement of tendons and ligaments on the lateral or radial side of the elbow.

Critical sized defects

Tendon healing biology

Dr Kirkham has devised a system of examination that allows for proper examination ad grading of these patients.

Treatments are highly varied and many are unsubstantiated.

Dr Kirkham has a simple but highly effective approach to these tennis elbow lesions in 3 stages

  • Hand therapy and splinting devices
  • Biological injections
  • Surgical procedures

Dr Kirkham has patented a novel implant for tennis elbow which is currently undergoing research. It is not yet available for clinical use.