Tendon Lacerations

Humans injure themselves. Prior to 1950 if you lacerated the flexor tendons in your fingers – with a knife, bayonet, or a lawnmower – you would have to accept a bad result. Thanks to a few very gifted surgeons in USA – notably Dr Stirling Bunnell, Dr Harold Kleinert and others – the concept of tendon repair and tendon rehab protocols has flourished and then given rise to hand surgery as a new and separate sub-specialty of surgery over the last 70-75 years. DR Kirkham has met Dr Kleinert during his time training in the USA.

It is beyond this website to explain the complex details of flexor tendon surgery but let’s just say that it is very difficult and delicate work. It can be done.

Furthermore, it has given rise also to hand therapy as a new specialty.

A hand therapist is a highly trained occupational therapist or physiotherapist (OT or PT) who has spent time training even further in the discipline of hands. They have extensive knowledge of the anatomy, the repairs, and importantly how to recover as much motion and function as possible