Bicep Tendon

The distal biceps tendon attaches to the radius bone in the forearm. Every male at the gym knows where his biceps is located. Most know that the biceps muscle and tendon flexes the elbow (but not as powerfully as the brachialis muscle and tendon). However, it is les swell appreciated that the main role of the biceps is not flexion but is supination.!!

Supination is the forearm rotation which places the palm facing towards the ceiling.

The biceps muscle and tendon are here more powerful than the supinator muscle – named after its only role.

When the right biceps tendon is ruptured or even half ruptured at the elbow, then it will be difficult to open vegemite jars, open doorknobs and turn screwdrivers. There is also some loss of elbow flexion power. Ironically the partial tears hurt more than complete tears.

These days we have modern anchor technology that now allows doctors to repair the biceps tendon with very often good results.

Dr Kirkham has over 25 years of experience in this procedure and can elaborate on patient outcomes as needed.

The surgery is a day procedure. It takes 45-60 minutes. Patients can shower from day 1 using a waterproof dressing. A sling is used but can often be relaxed.